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More about the project

Research approach

Our approach emphasises the positive side and subjective interpretation of stress. 



Research questions

Following numbers highlight the main research questions of our research.

1. What kind of mindsets and practises occur among entrepreneurs experiencing positive stress? What kind of elements, feelings, choices and goals do they consist of?

2. How could this know-how be transferred to other areas of life, such as different work environments and lifestyle changes? What kinds of services, technological solutions and businesses could promote this transfer?

3. How the use of technology and social media affects experiencing positive stress? What kinds of working spaces and ways to interact stimulate positive stress?

4. What kind of future business opportunities could be identified based on positive stress?


Research steps

The research is planned to proceed from entrepreneur dialogue to co-creation and identifying business opportunities. The following steps are partly overlapping and intertwined.

1. Entrepreneur dialogue

  • Step 1: Exploring entrepreneurs’ current perspectives and past experiences related to positive stress
  • Step 2: Following entrepreneurs’ daily stress experiences and combining physical measurements to their subjective interpretations  

2. Understanding

  •  Identifying essential elements of positive stress
  • Deriving implications for recognising and simulating positive stress

3. Transfer

  •  Co-creating concepts and methods related to positive stress
  •  Experimenting together with partners in different contexts  

4. Business

  • Building business scenarios for
    • wellness and healthcare
    • coaching and consulting
    • digital services