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A Finnish research project (2014-2016) aiming at

  • creating knowledge for recognizing, stimulating and utilizing positive stress
  • promoting a mindset of positive drive, creativity and courage based on experiencing positive stress
Eustress = positive stress

Experienced when you are enjoying what you do because of or despite a feeling of pressure. Eustress gives you a boost and drives you to learn, to use your creativity and to work more effectively. In working life, eustress contributes to creating new companies and innovations.

By concentrating on entrepreneurs as a source of knowledge

  • By learning from the mindset and practices of entrepreneurs experiencing positive stress
  • By transferring this know-how to other areas of life, for example to different work environments and to lifestyle changes
  • With multidisciplinary research approach combining psychology, education, business & technology
  • With co-creation and dialogue, keeping business and service development in mind

  • To individuals: more creativity, well-being and boost for lifestyle changes
  • To entrepreneurs: work efficiency and enthusiasm
  • To companies in wellness and healthcare, digital services and consulting: new business opportunities
  • To organizations: competitiveness and well-being at work


Research is carried out by:

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Human-driven Design and System Dynamics

University of Tampere, CIRCMI: Research on Information, Customer and Innovation Management

Research is funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (Tekes)


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